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PPS 04 Serie Standard
CODE: PPS 04 Serie Standard
Solvent-based colouring paste, for use in the wood industry in small quantities for correcting defects in wood veneer or in medium quantities for formulating coloured paints. Available in various colour tones.
The PPS 04 Series solvent-based colouring pastes can be added to the topcoat in the order of a maximum 5% to correct the defects due to veneering, or added to the solvent for coloured paint preparation to a maximum concentration of 30%.
Keep it tightly sealed in its original container in a cool environment (between - 5°C and + 30°C) that is not subject to abrupt temperature excursions.
Standard pack size is 1 Kg. For other specific requirements a feasibility evaluation will be made.
The product is intended for professional use only, refer to the Safety Data Sheet.